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About Us

At Cole Advertising, we are experts in helping our clients achieve their ROI goals.  Our creative, production value and media placement of television advertising deliver consistent, powerful results. Contact us to view our inventory of broadcast ready commercials.

Our Mission:
Your Success


At Cole Advertising our mission is simple, deliver our clients more quality leads while saving them money.  We are committed to helping physicians and practice owners increase new patient leads and ROI through use of television advertising.  We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their business goals and take the time to find out exactly where their business is and where they want to be.  Ultimately, we develop and steward a customized television strategy that effectively reaches the right audience, incites action and generates results.

Our Philosophy:
Accountability and Transparency


Accountability: because we know how important it is for your television campaign to be a success and understand our role in making that happen.  No excuses, just results.

Transparency: because your advertising partner should have nothing to hide.  Some agencies keep your ad schedules, rates, call reports, etc. under lock and key.  Not us!  At Cole Advertising we want you to have access to as much information about your campaign as you desire, it's your investment.

Nicole O'Hare, Principal and Media Director

When Nicole arrived on the advertising scene in the late 1990s, she knew she had found her calling.

Constantly lauded by clients throughout her career for her superior industry insight and ability to produce results and meet objectives, Nicole made the decision to launch her own company dedicated to providing superior television advertising solutions for physicians and practice owners nationwide. 

With a powerful skill set that includes both time working in media departments at advertising agencies as well as selling airtime for a CBS affiliate, Nicole brings unparralleled experience to planning, negotiating and executing each and every campaign. 

Nicole currently lives in Fort Myers, FL with her husband Ryan and two young sons Connor and Liam.


Nicole can be reached at (808) 551-7895 or email at