Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions practice owners have when thinking about launching a new television campaign.  Here are answers to some of the most common questions and statements we hear.


I've tried television before and didn't get any results. What makes your campaigns so different?

​This is probably the most common question we are asked.  While there can be dozens of reasons a campaign wasn't successful -- from subpar copy writing and production to an inefficient media buy -- it usually comes down to the fact that your campaign wasn't run by someone who truly understands your target audience and how to get those potential new patients to pick up the phone and call.  The secret to our success is years of managing these campaigns and tracking results.  We know our creative incites action and we know the parameters for your media buy that need to be met to ensure your phone rings. 


I've heard television is too expensive.


On the contrary, television is one of the most affordable advertising vehicles out there when you look at how little you pay to reach every 1,000 people.  Part of the reason why television is so powerful is because of the large audiences you can reach with each spot that airs.  While every television market varies with what would be an appropriate monthly budget for a television campaign, you can rest assured that it only takes a minimal investment to get started.


Can I purchase your commercials without hiring you to buy our media?


You can absolutely purchase a custom commercial from us without hiring us to buy your media.  Our pre-produced commercials, however, are only available to clients who hire Cole Advertising to place their media buys.  Since we don't charge our clients any monthly fees to use these pre-produced commercials, the way we earn a living is by collecting commission from dollars spent on the media buys.  Don't worry, you don't pay us any more than you would going direct to the television station yourself.  Agencies have special arrangements with the television stations where the stations pay our commission and the client still receives the full value of their investment.


I have my own creative already produced. Can I hire you just to buy our media?

Yes.  We are happy to work with you in negotiating and placing media buys for creative you already have produced.  We work directly with the stations on your behalf, saving you hours of valuable time and alleviating the stress of having to deal with those sales reps who just won't leave you alone or only come around when they want something.  With Cole Advertising, you also get just one invoice each month for all the media we place on your behalf.


Do you offer market exclusivity?

Yes we do.  Once you come on the air with us in your television market you have earned an exclusive right to that creative for as long as you remain a client.