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Medical TV Commercial Production

Cole Advertising specializes in producing high quality direct response television commercials designed to:

  • Generate an immediate increase in new patient leads

  • Build better ROI and higher revenues for your practice 

  • Increase your market share and put your practice ahead of the competition

Whether you're promoting a service covered by insurance or a purely elective procedure, we know the right formula to make people respond by picking up the phone and calling you directly.

We have creative already produced that can be easily customized for your practice and can begin airing in as little as two weeks.  Contact us directly to find out if we have creative produced for the treatment you are looking to promote.

We also do custom productions from script-to-screen and are happy to provide individual quotes upon request.  We do have opportunities for you to earn FREE production if we produce a spot that can be used by other practices not in direct competition with you.  Contact us today for more details.

Expert Media Placement

The media team at Cole Advertising has a highly specialized skill set in planning, negotiating and placing television media buys for the chiropractic industry. 

In addition to the leverage our years of experience buying media specifically for the chiropractic industry brings to the table, we also use web based call tracking software to track the number of leads from each and every ad that airs and report the results back to you. 

In addition, if we find a certain placement isn't performing up to our goals, we can immediately cancel that placement and rebook your media dollars into another airtime. 

No more waiting until the end of a campaign to determine if it was successful. We know your statistics from the first spot that airs and work constantly to maximize your number of leads by adjusting your schedule  according to real-time results.

In today's complex media environment, having a professional media expert work for your business is not only a benefit, it's a necessity.  Cole Advertising will provide you with the confidence to focus on the other aspects of your business, while knowing your advertising budget is working as hard as you are.